Upgrade To A Better Riding Experience With A 60mm Carbon Clincher


A typical 60mm carbon wheel-set has a combined weight of 1,520 grams with the front weighing 705 grams and the rear 815 grams. Lightweight wheels enable the rider to move at higher speeds. In addition, the wheel-sets have a wider carbon clincher that adds to their stability on the road. This also offers high lateral stiffness to handle bumpy rides better. The depth is perfect for road wheels, triathlon wheels, and time trial wheels


The spokes are triple butted, strong and super light. This enables the wheel to cut through the wind better by reducing wind resistance (this is the technology behind the manufacturing of jumbo jet turbines). Speed matters in riding and aero blades enable the rider achieve it effortlessly. They also have double-edged profiles which is an improvement from the traditional v shapes. This makes them substantially faster.

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