Upgrade To A Better Riding Experience With A 60mm Carbon Clincher

The bike wheel market has become more dynamic than ever before. Manufacturers have come up with innovative ways of dealing with a myriad of problems that riders face on the road. The 60mm carbon clincher wheel-set is a new innovation in the bike wheel market. It is touted as the ultimate upgrade for more powerful and exciting bike performance.

The 60mm clincher wheel-sets are currently a darling to those that ride on bumpy roads and those who regularly ride on wet roads. It has also been recommended by professional riders for being superior in power transfers and acceleration. Here are a few features and facts that support this assertion.


Regular wheels require more spokes in order to sustain heavy weights. This often results to an uncomfortable ride. The carbon clincher wheel-set has worked around this by taking longer but fewer spokes, while at the same time ensuring that the rim is stronger. It can take up to 110kg of rider weight conveniently. It also has a shatterproof Kevlar hoop for more convenient braking. For increased safety, the wheels have a glass transition resin system of up to 250c.

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