Top 10 best bike events not to miss

Check out our guide to 2018’s most important BMX, MTB and road cycling events.

promises to be the best yet for everything two-wheeled. There’s the holy grail of Olympic gold on the horizon for the BMX racing and cross-country athletes, but there’s a lot more besides. Check out our pick of the events coming up in an action-packed year, many of which we will be covering right here on Red Bull Bike.


This is probably the most brutal bike race in the world. Formerly known as Iditabike, the endurance mountain bike race sees competitors race across the Alaskan tundra in extremely low temperatures with minimal support on a 350km route. For those with an even more tougher disposition, there’s also a 1000km route.

Where: Alaska When: February 28 Look out for: Super-human efforts from all those who take part. The Alaskan winter is very harsh and it takes experience, stamina and an evaluation of the risks involved to finish such a race, never mind win it.

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