The Crucifixion of Jesus

As a result of the message He was sent by His Father to teach, He was hated, accused of dastardly deeds, betrayed by a close associate, arrested, illegally tried and condemned to die!

Horrors of crucifixion

Crucifixion entailed more than just being hung on a tree, stake or cross. The first step was normally to scourge the condemned individual.

The scourge was a short whip handled by a professional called the “lictor.” He very skillfully exercised his trade by repeatedly flaying the victim with his whip. The scourge would have a number of thongs that had pieces of bone, stone or metal attached to them to increase its terrible effectiveness. Or it might have a hook at the end of each thong; this was called “the scorpion.” The purpose of scourging was to bring the victim to a point near death.

After scourging, the victim was escorted to the place of execution—in Jesus’ case, it was Golgotha. If the victim was able, he was forced to carry a beam to which he would later be nailed or tied.

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