Does traveling in a group sound safe or intimidating? It could be both, but you’ll never know until you give it a try. Join us in discussion with travel expert Shila Desai who shares her tips about group travel. Enjoy the show!

Margaret Manning:

My guest today is Shila Desai. Shila is a writer and a world traveler. She is also the founder of a travel company called Eat Your Heart Out Tours. She takes people all around the world to explore amazing cultures and meet new people. It’s really great to have you here, Shila. Welcome.

Shila Desai:
Thank you so much, Margaret. I am really excited to be here, and a little nervous as well.

You don’t need to be nervous at all. We have a wonderful community of women who are very much into travel. I think, when we retire, travel is the first thing we put on our bucket list. I’m happy that you’re here so you can help us a bit to understand the different kinds of travel.
A lot of our women have travelled by themselves for years – or maybe with their husband or partner – and now they want to do something either with a group or as a solo participant in a group. Tell us what your opinion is about solo versus group travel.

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