How to winter-proof yourself and your road bike

Tick these eight things off your list to get your bike and body through the winter weather.

Road cycling can sure be tough in the winter. Whether going out for a training ride or taking in the daily commute to work, motivation can be low, especially when you know what you and your bike will be put through – wet weather, filthy roads, the biting cold and winds. However, if you make sure your bike is set up for those chilly rides, then you won’t get those winter bike blues. Here’s all you need to know for perfect winter riding.

1. Fit some mudguards

Mudguards are the single best upgrade you can make to your bike for the winter. Yes, they may make your carbon racer look a bit funny and, yes, they can sometimes be a hassle to fit, but once on, they’ll keep dirt and debris off your clothes and bike. This not only keeps you drier, but should also help your bike’s components last much longer. There are essentially two types: clip on and fender.

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