Cycling: 4 Ways To Test Your Progress

I am fanatical about numbers. I guess that comes with an engineering science background. I find that measuring things helps to keep training focused and gives you an understanding of where you are in your performance or fitness journey. I am a firm believer in the maxim, “What gets measured get done.”

1. Simple Time Trial

This can be an organized club event over an officially measured course or a local loop around the roads near where you live. If you make your own time trial, choose a safe route that avoids maneuvering near traffic. You could even use your local commute for this.

“I am a firm believer in the maxim, ‘What gets measured get done.'”

All you need in the way of equipment is a stopwatch. Warm up, start the stopwatch, and off you go to time how long it takes to complete your circuit. There will be some variability in the results due to weather and traffic conditions, but if you keep a regular record over several weeks, then this will be an indicator of how your training is going.

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