Best 4 Power Enhancing Suspension Training Progressions For Cyclists

Suspension trainers have been around for quite a while, and have gained popularity in recent years. This has lead to an assortment of different types on the market, from simple gym rings, to adjustable strap systems by companies like TRX.

Their simplicity and portability, requiring no more than bodyweight, makes them very versatile, and an ideal addition to the home gym. This week, I am showing you some cycling relevant exercises, which can be performed using this simple piece of equipment. These progressions are well worth putting in your training plan to improve strength, and improve power output.

A Breakdown of the Cycling Movement

To get most benefit from the exercises, the motions should be similar to the movements undertaken when riding a cycle. This ensures not only muscle development, but training of the neuromuscular pathways that activate the muscles in the correct sequence. The instability introduced by the straps of the trainers also helps emulate some of the instability of movement during cycling.

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